BattleWords - Word Game

BattleWords - Word Game

BattleWords is a turn-based multiplayer scrabble-like word game for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. Queue for random opponents, invite your friends to play or play offline by yourself. Earn 23 achievements, 7 badges, track stats and unlock avatars. There are 23 achievements ranging from easy to near impossible. Badges are like achievements only more difficult, and there are seven badges to unlock. There are 480 regular avatars which become accessible the higher level you are while the 64 special avatars are unlocked with coins gathered from playing matches, unlocking achievements & badges and earning levels.

BattleWords features include

- Play against friends, foes or by yourself
- Earn achievements
- Gather coins by playing!
- Unlock 480 regular Avatars to stand out!
- Unlock 64 special Avatars to stand out even more!
- Languages supported are English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
- Chat with opponents
- Randomly generated board each turn, always identical for players in the same match

How to play BattleWords

Pair letters together by swiping, only adjacent letters can be selected. Release your finger when you are satisfied with the word.

There are two different game modes, Normal and Sticky. In Normal mode each letter used to form a word is replaced with new letters and any word can be formed many times. In Sticky mode the letters never change and any given word can only be made once.

Letters may have special attributes such as extra value, time bonus and power. Extra value cards are red and award more points than regular blue cards. Time cards provide regular score but with a small time bonus for each time card used. Power cards used build up until ten power cards have been used, at which point every card will turn into a value card until the power runs out.

Online matches consist of three turns for each player and one turn lasts 60 seconds or more. The player with the highest combined score wins the match.