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Quiz Me This (Millionaire Edition)

Quiz Me This (Millionaire Edition) is a quiz game with many unique high quality questions created specifically for this game.

Are you tired of uninteresting and impossible questions?
Good news, this game is for you. We have carefully crafted our questions to range from easy to very difficult but never flat out impossible.

Are you tired of being force-fed ads between games, at the bottom and top of the game as well as the infamous random popup ads?
We show ads only as a use-once lifeline per match, that is if you choose to continue the match after failing a question. You're very much free to opt out and start a new match and have the complete ad-free experience..

Each match you have the opportunity to answer 15 questions. Each question will increase in difficulty, if you find a question you don't know the answer to you can use the lifelines.

Languages supported
- English
- Swedish

50-50: eliminate two incorrect answers.
swap: get a new question of random difficulty (could be good, could be bad).
stop time: need to phone a friend? just hit stop time and you have all the time in the world.

If you answer all 15 questions you get the sweet million dollars. Earn yourself a name as the undisputed quiz champion of the world by claiming a spot on the leaderboards. Unlock achievements while you progress.

Logging in is optional. If you don't login your money won't be saved, your name will not be listed on the leaderboards and you won't earn achievements.

This game requires an internet connection.

Please visit us at if you need to get in contact with us or if you want to contribute with questions!

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