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Today 2PM Weather icon for partially cloudy night 22 °C 5 ms
Today 3PM Weather icon for night rain 22 °C 5 ms
Today 4PM Weather icon for clear day 21 °C 5 ms
Today 5PM Weather icon for partially cloudy day 20 °C 5 ms
Today 6PM Weather icon for rain thunder 18 °C 5 ms
Today 7PM Weather icon for day rain 18 °C 5 ms
Today 8PM Weather icon for daytime thunder 14 °C 5 ms
Today 9PM Weather icon for clear night 16 °C 5 ms
Today 10PM Weather icon for partially cloudy night 15 °C 5 ms
Today 11PM Weather icon for night rain 14 °C 5 ms


This Modern Weather Icon Pack was created for the weather service in one of our apps. Most weather icon packs found online are either of poor quality or simply not allowed in commercial projects. So we decided to make our own icons, designed to work well on both dark and light backgrounds. Tested and works well on Android and iOS systems. Covering day-time, night-time as well as neutral icons. The night icons even include full-moon and half-moon icons.

This is the first version of the weather icon pack, we are likely to make upgrades every now and then so check back every once in a while. The icons are free for commercial use. We require attribution unless permission has been granted by us. If attribution is not possible, we ask you to contact us at [email protected] and ask for permission of usage without attribution. Attribution does not have to be in close proximity to the icons. Attribution on your about page or similar is sufficient.

What You Get

- 34 unique weather icons
- Day, night & neutral
- Adobe Illustrator file
- Adobe Illustrator workfile
- SVG (vector) files
- 128px, 256px and 512px PNGs
- 100% free

Weather Icons Included

Angry Clouds, Cloudy, Day Clear, Day Partial Cloud, Day Rain, Day Rain Thunder, Day Sleet, Day Snow, Day Snow Thunder, Fog, Mist, Night Full Moon Clear, Night Full Moon Partial Cloud, Night Full Moon Rain, Night Full Moon Rain Thunder, Night Full Moon Sleet, Night Full Moon Snow, Night Full Mon Snow Thunder, Night Half Moon Clear, Night Half Moon Partial Cloud, Night Half Moon Rain, Night Half Moon Rain Thunder, Night Half Moon Snow Thunder, Night Half Moon Sleet, Night Half Moon Snow, Overcast, Rain, Rain Thunder, Sleet, Snow, Snow Thunder, Thunder, Tornado, Wind.

Download This Weather Icon Pack

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Download Crystal Weather Icon Pack

What Now

For a weather API we recommend using either OpenWeatherMap or DarkSky.
We use the DarkSky API ourselves, it's fast and free up to a thousand calls per day.

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